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 Charlie and April spent many years traveling Internationally before settling in a small town in the province of Salta in the North West of Argentina. This sweet little wine town in the "middle of nowhere" - Cafayate captured their hearts and minds and they spent six years living the “South American” life.

They pursued several business ventures in South America together; a restaurant, home building and property development, beer brewery/hotel and farm amongst the few. As they were one of the first Norte Americanos in this area and an expat community was being built, they were a vital resource for people seeking advise on how to maneuver this slow paced, yet incredibly peaceful life.

One of the most inspiring things they learned was true craftsmanship. You simply didn’t go to a big box store to buy furniture. You would visit the wood working shop and design and have your furniture made. Same with ceramics, leatherwork, textiles, and most all products, it was either made or not even available. It was many times frustrating that you just couldn’t go and “buy” what you want. But, after 6 years of living and “sloughing off” the modern life of access to everything at super cheap prices, they began to truly value the quality, design versatility, and the craftsmanship of their fellow artisans in South America.

After several years and a couple of beautiful girls being born, they returned to the U.S. Returning to their roots in the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado, they were approached to start a private label for a high-end retailer in Aspen. They were asked to bring true, quality, hand-made products in hats, leather goods, and bags to market. They worked closely with the retailer in the design and development and brought them to market by creating a focused brand.

The brand was immediately successful due to the execution and thoughtfulness of designs acquired in partnership with the management team. However, after missing their slower paced life in South America, they decided to move to Paonia, Colorado and reach back to their entrepreneurial spirits and start their own hand-crafted products business. Now they offer this level of craftsmanship and design input to their own customers allowing them to own a lifetime, quality piece of art. As well as providing a service to retailers and brands whom want to embrace history, art, and quality products. They work closely with their customers to find the right designs and styles and help them to bring them to markets.

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