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Dress Hats for Men and Women

Custom-Made Dress Hats- Available in Store Now!

Our fine fur felt dress hats will be made out of European hare (rabbit fur) or beaver fur.  The hats below are already made by us and are ready to ship!  We make sure every style we make has an air of one-of-a-kind, whether it is by the hand-steamed crown or brim shape or the different trim size - please know, these are some of our all time favorite hats because they are all unique!  If you don't see one in your size or style, we will custom make it for you!  The dress hat is very lightweight compared to the western hat (or Cowboy Hat). These hats can be completely customized with color, brim size, crown shapes, and trim, making them truly YOUR hat! We make these hats one-by-one using steam, pressing, sanding, and hand-shaping with each.  

Shop Fine Felt Dress Hats in European hare Available Now 

Whiskey Fedora-Hats-TrueWestHats
Sahara Green Fedora Hat-Hats-TrueWestHats
Whiskey Dresstern-Hats-TrueWestHats
Black Fedora-Hats-TrueWestHats
silver belly handmade hat
Sahara City Hat
Green Fedora City Hata

Pure Beaver Fur Felt Available Now 

The ultimate material for hats, the pure beaver fur felt is the softest and most durable material.  You can wear these hats in the rain, snow, and they will come out just fine!

Willow Pure Beaver Hat-TrueWestHats

Custom Design Your Very Own Fine Fur Felt Hat With Us!

MADE IN USA - in Paonia, Colorado - 

All Photos Were Shot Within the Paonia Area and with Local Models 

Each hat is a hat that has been made but may not be available - you can always custom order any style you see.