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Custom-Made Fur Felt Hats That Are Great for the Outdoors 

Our fine fur felt hats are highly sought after as that perfect companion for your outdoor lifestyle. These hats are made of super-lightweight fur felt, providing great shade and acting a perfect companion while you’re out hiking, backpacking, boating, or even golfing. They are water resistant, so great for that afternoon rain storms! The inside band is a high-quality leather band that molds to your head. If you don't see one in your size or style, we will custom make it for you! These hats can be completely customized with color, brim size, crown shapes, and trim, making them truly YOUR hat! We make these hats one-by-one using steam, pressing, sanding, and hand-shaping with each.

Shop Fine Fur Felt Hats Great for Your Outdoor Life!

Our fur felt hats are perfect for both men and women who enjoy spending time outdoors and who have fast-paced lifestyles. The Outdoor Mountain fur felt collection features the latest styles in hats that will quickly become your new go-to favorites. With our fur felt cowboy hats, you’ll know you have a durable and reliable hat no matter where your day takes you. Whether you’re going on a hike, running some errands, or simply enjoying the great outdoors, this hat is ready for anything. Experience the difference in quality with our fur felt hats—they’re perfect for the great outdoors.

Whiskey Fedora-Hats-TrueWestHats
Indian Jones Chocolate Fur Felt Hat
Black Fedora-Hats-TrueWestHats
Sahara Green Fedora Hat-Hats-TrueWestHats
White Plains Cowboy Hat
Whiskey Dresstern-Hats-TrueWestHats

Want to Hit the Outdoors With Ultimate Lightness?  

Try Our Ultra-Light Panamas Straws. 

When you are deciding between a fur felt and a straw hat, my feeling is if your activity is consistently over 80 degrees, you might consider heading straight to our light-weight Panama Straw hats. They are so lightweight you can barely feel them on your head!! 

Wide Brim Straw Hat - Ray-Straw Hats-TrueWestHats

Custom Design Your Very Own Fine Fur Felt Hat With Us In Your Style!

MADE IN USA - in Paonia, Colorado - 

All Photos Were Shot Within the Paonia Area and with Local Models 

Each hat is a hat that has been made but may not be available - you can always custom order any style you see.