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With Short Brim Straw Hats 

Short Brim Straw Hats 

Custom-Made, Hand-Woven, Naturally Dyed Panama Straw Hats

The ultimate sun protection - a Short Brim Straw Hat is a perfect summer time companion!  These high Quality hats are hand-woven in Ecuador by families that have had this craft handed down generation to generation. We then take this "cone" and naturally dye using elements and pigments from the natural world, and hand-shape.  The best response we always receive from this hat is, "it is so light, I can barely feel it on my head." It is soft and light.. perfect for that summer protection and heat! 

The short brim is great for everyday use during the summer!  

 The inside band is a high quality black plush elastic that is so soft on your head. The outside bands are all made to be adjustable so you can tighten your hat when the wind blows!   If you don't see one in your size or style, we will custom make it for you!  These hats can be completely customized with color, brim size, crown shapes, and trim, making them truly YOUR hat!   

Straw Production Begins February 2021

Gallery Of Short Brim Straw Hats