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With Gorgeous Dress Hats For Women  

Custom-Made Hats for Women

Our fine fur felt hats are a gorgeous touch to express that ultimately style. Wearing that perfect hat allows you to step out of your front door with an extra skip in your step and a bit stronger in your stance.  Knowing you have the perfect hat, just adds so much to your style.  People notice - sometimes the hat, but more so your confidence!  It is imperative to get the RIGHT hat!  Everyone has that hat that is just "theirs".  Our favorite thing people say to us is, "I don't look good in hats." I smile inside at the challenge, and I can say, they've never encountered our high-quality, custom designed with you, hats... 9 times out of 10, they custom design one with us and are rejoicing that they finally found one for the first time in their life!  

The inside band is a high quality leather band that molds to your head.  If you don't see one in your size or style, we will custom make it for you!  These hats can be completely customized with color, brim size, crown shapes, and trim, making them truly YOUR hat! We make these hats one-by-one using steam, pressing, sanding, and hand-shaping with each.  

Shop Fine Fur Felt Hats, With Delicate Touches and Strong Statements.

  Let Us Help You Express Your Inner Self!

Morning Star White Wool Hat
The Muse

Custom Design Your Very Own Fine Fur Felt Hat With Us In Your Style!

MADE IN USA - Colorado -

Each hat is a hat that has been made but may not be available - you can always custom order any style you see.