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Custom Cowboy Hats for Sale - Made just for you! 

Our cowboy hat shop carries fine fur felt cowboy hats made from European hare (rabbit fur). This hat has much more fur content and is a very solid, stiffer hat. If you are looking for a hat that will withstand a lot of work, hold its shape with a cowboy curl or straight brim, this western weight is a perfect option for you! We make our custom cowboy hats for sale one by one using steam, pressing, sanding, and hand-shaping every hat.

Cowboy Hat Shapes & Styles

Gus Cowboy Hat

"It Ain't Dying I'm Talking About, It's Living,"- Captain Augustus McCrae 

And that's what this hat is all about. Inspired by Lonesome Dove, the Gus is a classic cowboy hat. This is available in Western Weight Felt and Palm Leaf Straw.

Canyon Cowboy Hat

Often called the "Cattleman Cowboy Hat" This hat is a traditional cowboy hat with the trough in the middle. This quality cowboy hat can be flat-brimmed, scoped, or classic cowboy curled.


This cowboy-style hat is the perfect gunfighter, bolero, or simply the best badass hat around! We love making this hat - the sky is the limit on how large of a brim you want - we feel 5 inches... well it's just enough to get attention!

Open Crown

Usually a taller crown hat, the open crown will be seen in many old western movies, thought to be the original style cowboy hat. 

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Black bolero front view
Custom Made Western Hat-Hat-TrueWestHats
Gus Cowboy Hat - Sahara-Hats-TrueWestHats
Black Gus Cowboy Hat-Hats-TrueWestHats
Silverbelly Tear Drop Crown Cowboy Hat-Hats-TrueWestHats
Granite Gray Cowboy Hat
Granite Grey Gambler

Custom Design Your Very Own Cowboy Hat

Custom Made Western Hat-Hat-TrueWestHats

MADE IN USA - in Paonia, Colorado - 

All Photos Were Shot Within the Paonia Area and with Local Models 

Each of our cowboy hats has been made, but it may not be available - you can always custom-order any style you see by designing your own cowboy hat.