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Wide Brim Straw Hat - Ray

Ray straw hat is a great large brim hat.  This Wide Brim Straw Hat is first hand-woven in Ecuador, then naturally dyed and shaped and adorned in Sedona, AZ.

We collect sage and other elements from the West Elk mountains in Colorado and naturally dye the palm hats giving the hat an earthy natural color.  We then hand shape in a classic Fedora shape and sew in soft plush elastic band. This hat is very light weight with a large brim giving you maximum coverage that you can take it anywhere!  You can size and tighten the hat by tightening the outer band.

- Color - Naturally Dyed light
- Folded Edge
- Leather Tie
- Lightweight hand-woven Palm
- Hand-crafted in Arizona
- Not Crushable.
- Not Water resistant
- Guaranteed - if reshaping is ever needed, please contact us to arrange re-shaping
- If you are looking for a hat just like this but this is not your size, select "Custom Make In My Size" for a special order request and add your size in an email:


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