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Straw Cowboy Hat Canon

The Canon Cowboy Straw Hat and is so lightweight, you can wear it during the hottest summer months!  This Cowboy Straw Hat is first hand-woven in Ecuador, then naturally dyed and shaped in Colorado with a classic canon cowboy crown.

- Color - Natural Element Earth Tone Dyed, Off-White
- Large Cowboy Curl Brim with Canon Crown
- Folded Edge
- Size Large (7 1/2 to 7 5/8 (Check Sizing Here )
- Leather Tie (Black)
- Lightweight hand-woven Palm in Ecuador
- Hand-crafted in Colorado - Dyed, Hand-Shaped, Adorned
- Not Crush-able.
- Not Water resistant
- Guaranteed - if reshaping is ever needed, please contact us to arrange re-shaping
- If you are looking for a hat just like this but this is not your size, please select "Custom Make in My Size" to order custom made. 

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