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Custom Made Western Hat
Custom Made Western HatCustom Made Western HatCustom Made Western HatCustom Made Western HatCustom Made Western HatCustom Made Western HatCustom Made Western HatCustom Made Western HatCustom Made Western HatCustom Made Western HatCustom Made Western HatCustom Made Western Hat

Custom Made Western Hat is a perfect hat to make custom just for you.  We make various crown shapes in the cowboy style.  This hat has more fur and is a much stiffer variety than our dress hat.  This hat is perfect when wanting something that is extremely durable and you will want for a lifetime!  

European Hare is a classic hat made of rabbit fur with amazing quality, especially hand-made!  This is a great hat to have to accompany you on many adventures!

  • How To Order
  • Crown and Color Options

Custom Made Cowboy Hat

We are very excited that you have chosen us to custom design a lifetime hat for you. We want to make sure and get this process right - so it will take a bit more than just point and click - our custom hat design expert will walk you through each step, so don't worry you are in good hands!

  • Choose your color choice

  • Choose your Crown Choice - Make Sure and Add Your Hat Size to the Notes of your Shopping Cart! If you know it - if not, we will help you determine

  • Add it to the shopping cart and pay
  • Our custom hat design expert will contact you for the  remainder of the details  - See the Samples below of the questions you will go through.

    Your Hat Design Specialist will discuss several options with you - 

    1. What crown shape

    2. What size brim

    3. What type of trim or hat-band

    4. What shape would you like on your brim

  • If you don't know your hat size, don't worry, there is an easy way to measure.  Please visit our hat sizing page:

  • We will begin making your custom - one-of-a-kind hat. This will take up to 4 to 6 weeks.

Crown Shapes Available for the Cowboy hat

Gus Cowboy Hat

"It Ain't Dying I'm Talking About, It's Living,"- Captain Augustus McCraeAnd that's what this hat is all about, inspired by Lonesome Dove, the Gus is a classic western style. This is available in Western Weight Felt and Palm Leaf Straw.

Canyon Cowboy Hat

Often called the "Cattleman Cowboy Hat" This hat is a traditional cowboy hat with the trough in the middle. This hat can be a flat brim, scoped, or classic cowboy curl.


"This hat is the perfect gunfighter, bolero, or simply the best badass hat around! We love making this hat - the sky is the limit on how large of a brim you want - we feel 5 inches... well it's just enough to get attention!

Open Crown

Usually a taller crown hat, the open crown will be seen in many old western movies, thought to be the original style cowboy hat.

Color Options for Cowboy Style Hats


"This is the ultimate classic cowboy hat color - a light cream color with a slight tint of gray - Calling this silver belly! 

Granite Gray

This Granite Gray is a great color - adding a perfect blend that goes with everything. 


Being a "Good" guy or a "Bad" guy really doesn't matter -but it sure does make for an awesome story when you choose black! 


Chocolate brown is a great color when you want to embody all the western hat has to offer.  Rich and dark chocolate. 

Hat Sizing Chart and Measurement How To

Place a measuring tape around your head about 1/8″ above your ear, across the mid-forehead, completely circling your head. Hold the tape firmly, but not too tightly. Basically you need to measure your head exactly where the hat will sit. If your head is between sizes, no worries, just let us know.  It is always better to go a tiny bit bigger than to go a smaller, unless you are in the wind or full time riding horses and the hat really needs to sit snug on your head!

Our Guarantee

Our guarantee is, you will LOVE your hat or we will work on it till you do, if this means returning and shipping back out, no problem, we can do this up to 2 times! 

Secondly, the purchase of a hat includes 1 free re-block.  Send us your hat at any point in time and we will re-block, re-shape and clean up your hat free of charge (shipping not included).

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