Custom Designed Hat

See some styles you like but not exactly?  Have some pictures of hats that you are really interested in but need in your size? You've always wanted a hat but never found one that fits or looks good on you - let us custom make you a hat!  First you will choose the material, then we will contact you with our custom hand-made questionaire where you will choose design, color, and additional options when customizing your hat!  We make this process so easy - why not make it custom!

Pure Beaver is full premium quality hat made 100% of Beaver fur - this hat will last generations and will be with you on every adventure! 

20X Beaver is supreme quality beaver with a blend of European Hare - classics like this will last a lifetime and be an upgrade from the 6x European Hare.

European Hare is a classic hat made of rabbit fur with amazing quality, especially hand-made!  This is a great hat to have to accompany you on many adventures!